Let's get the ball rolling

Alright, it's time!! I'm nervous.

to Hear From You

One of the things I love about this page, is that it isn't for the faint of heart. This page is for those who have been contemplating for a minute, thumbing through the photos, hearing the stories, and now they're ready. I love your energy already! Let's get this form filled out and get you a photoshoot!!

baltimore, and pennyslvania

feb. 1-4th

10 slots open

Travel Dates

feb. 9-11th

cleveland & youngstown, ohio

7 slots open

Atlanta, georgia


These are cities open for tour dates right now. If you don't see your city, that's okay. Send a booking inquiry anyway, and this photographer will get to cooking!! ⚡ as it gets closer, you can find blogs about shoots in the locations...

Chicago, illinois

tba | April

san diego, california