Frequently Asked Questions about Jasemine Denise Photography

1.) How far in advance should I set up my session? 

I’d say give it at least fifteen days.  I’m not exactly a traditional studio photographer, I do tour frequently. If your city isn’t listed on the upcoming tour dates, and you book two months in advance, there are tour discounts for groups of five or more individual sessions. Everyone will be offered a prorated discounted after their deposit is laid.

2.) I’m under 21, can I shoot a boudoir session?

18+ is the rule, and if you are under 21, I strongly encourage you bring someone you are comfortable with and trust especially if it is your first time.

In my seven years of experience, boudoir sessions are some of the most complex, because it is a very intimate process, so don’t be nervous to bring someone you trust, even if it’s just to pick the tunes…

3.) Why do I have to sign a contract? 

For safety, yours, mine, and any vendor or staff in attendance. It also pinpoints some of the terms and conditions available at request for the service you are booking! If it seems lengthy, I offer an abridged (1 to 1 phone call) to go over the terms with you before you sign. 

4.) Jas, I wanna book a shoot but I have some issues.

a.) It’s too expensive.

Right on, friend! I know how that goes… Trust me when I say, I was a long standing “victim” of Klarna and Afterpay. That being said, if you wanna arrange a payment plan, I do offer those. 

b.) Will there be strangers I don’t know present?

In the event, you are going to a group hosted event, there may be other photoshoot attendees, however if you’d like to be completely alone for your session, I absolutely will honor that request.

c.) I wanna do a photoshoot but I have no idea what I wanna do.

BEEN THERE!! Haha, you ever been laying in your bed at three am covered in a full face of makeup wishing you’d thought of a killer outfit to go with? No, has your boss ever told you in less than twenty four hours, you had to come up with a passport photo and headshots for the company website?

That’s okay! You can send a booking inquiry with as much or as little detail as you can summon up. Let your photographer do the rest. Just mention the words: “Surprise me” and I’ll draft up everything from crafts to a budget! We’ll make it happen.

d.) We’ve had a shoot before but I couldn’t stand it.

Feedback is always critically appreciated and I do offer a 14 day reshoot policy. So if your first session or first sessions with me doesn’t reflect the quality I promised you, I absolutely will reshoot it. Don’t be afraid to critique the work I’ve done for you, and if I’m not able to present it to you, I’ve got a list of recommended out of this world photographers who I can recommend you to.

5.) I actually don't want a photoshoot. I’d rather just hang out.

Wow, I’m honored! Listen, thanks for sticking with me or finding out about me. Whomever sent you, give them a personal hug for me.. and yeah, slide me a message on Facebook or instagram and let’s see how we can get a tour popping up in your city, so I can devote a whole day to hanging with you!

6.) How old are you? / How Tall are you?

I know it’s rough to tell by eyeballing me, I get it all the time. 

I got my start networking on MySpace coding html layouts and doing photoshoots in my backyard in high school. I was a mallrat, my first festival was probably the taste of Chicago, and I attended Olive Harvey College.

Oh and... haven't even grazed five feet. My god kids are taller than me.. and they're (11-12).

7.) So, What’s the deal with Mac Miller? 

Haha, this goes back to 5. That’s not something I can sum up verbally during photoshoots, in words, in anything really.. Mac had skill as an artist and will forever be honored for everything he gave his fans.. I still get choked up, but more excitedly, you can hear me yelling “Blue Slide Park” from a hotel balcony, nearly after time I check in… 

8.) Will you ever release another novel? 

That’s one I get asked consistently, and the answer is the same as any personal photography projects, I pursue. I simply don’t know. 

9.) My wedding is in another state/country, and I'm not the one paying for it.. How?

I understand, once more, that weddings haven’t been “traditional” for a long time and I love that! I celebrate that. I have no problems corresponding with mothers, planners, partners, etc.. To give you the dream experience you visualize when you shut your eyes and feel butterflies expand from your soul. Or if you’ve just met your best friend and you know…

I’m your girl. I do charge additional for travel, but I work that into your budget so everyone can reach a point of stress-free celebration.

10.) My child, pet, partner, etc (maybe even me) is not comfortable having a picture taken. What do you do?

Every photographer has their own flavor. For me, I like to bring a vibe where you nearly either forget I’m there, you can’t stop laughing, or you can’t stop dancing to the playlist we/you/they made five years ago.. that takes you to a happier place.

At the end of the day, I aspire to work with people more than once. So, I’m constantly interested to know how to create a feeling of joy when looking back on fond memories. Communication is key. I promise, I love coordinating. Just look at my closet. 

11.) I’ve heard rumors you quit, retired, died….

I’m alive.

So are you if you’re reading this, and I’m happy about it! If there was one thing I could tell me ten years ago, a photographer bright and bushy eyed.. It’s that everyone’s gonna have something to say to you. I didn’t get into photography for popularity or to “go viral,” I got into it, because there were not enough golden memories of my life.. It’s always been my aspiration to share that missing light with people the best way I can.