Brooce ๐Ÿ’œ Fantasy Fashion Lookbook

This mini fantasy fashion photography session features the gorgeous Brooce, who styled and did her own makeup for this session! Like a lot of the avante grade section of the portrait portfolio, she's also wearing one of Jasemine Denise Photography's favorite brands to collaborate with, SKG Designs.

Featured Harness Piece

The unisex pentagram harness from SKG Designs is available in a multitude of colors.

You'll see a lot of SKG Designs about both my personal and professional portfolio.

Furthermore, speaking of elevation, the incredible design and leather work of SKG has always been something to proudly showcase among the many clients who have stepped in front of the lens.

That showcase is available within The Parlor of the main portfolio. A % of the membership goes directly into providing more models like me, more opportunities to create with more brands like hers. <3

A little backstory on that, Justina the power boss babe behind SKG Designs was one of the first ever brands to collaborate with Jasemine Denise Photography in the fashion world.

Breaking into alternative fashion by creating inclusive alternative fashion for the bold minded... Her impact has made an everlasting impact on the way a simple strap can elevate a look to new heights, every single time.

There are a thousand ways to wear one harness, and that's one of the simple reasons I always recommend the brand!