Chicago Cosplayer kali neko

Kali and I worked together for the better part of a decade. As a model, Kali brought the unique perspective of merging cosplay and boudoir in a tasteful way that left an everlasting impact on Jasemine Denise Photography. She's one of the reasons the Parlor was opened.

elements that brought this dark link to life.

Location | University of Chicago During uchi Con

We shot this during a convention where there were tons of people walking back and forth. We even were stopped for a few pictures, so when it came to creating a real life desolate castle aesthetic, I had to put a flair on it.. As a photographer, being credit for the work I do has such a major impact on things.. That being said.. Here's the incredible digital artists whose textures put the finishing touches on this masterpiece.

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Snow Overlay Textures

fan art ref. from DA



Kali Neko





For my aspiring cosplay photographers...

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I'm gonna subtitle this feature with Why you shouldn't delete your RAW photos when you start pursuing photographing others..

There will be a section of the site as the year goes one that provides one to one coaching the photographers who also.. love to learn.

before and after

then - And now

My first decade of being a photographer was tough. I was hungry for it. At the time, it was simply a backpack and a Chicago Transit Authority pass, so shoots were concisely limited to the resources you could fit on your back. I was in my early twenties and I saw it as both a challenge and a motivation.

I:Don't ever throw your raw photos away.

I can't tell you what a painful experience it is as a photographer, to have been through so many personal horror stories of "I didn't back this up, I threw away my memories.." or the terrifying heart clenching moment of that is exactly why I "can't delete my Facebook." Your clients memories are also in extension, your own. I remember vividly standing in the bustling convention halls envisioning the cathedral 'aesthetic' of this Dark Link vision Kali and I had collaborated and spent effortless hours envisioning together. To see it come to life is one of the reasons not only do I not regret throwing my RAW photos away (Or the ones that have survived moves, south side robberies, and a home invasion.)

Years from now, decades from now, when your moments come when you think... "That could've been legendary had I just-- taken more time. Not focused so much on a deadline, hadn't been so xyz when it came to my style... Keeping your RAW photos, is a gift to both you and your clients for as long as you like!

For my future models and clients who read down this far, yes there is a package that includes all the RAWs. When you inquire, mention the A La Carte menu, and I'll make sure that is included in your session package.

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