mark anthony marshall

chicago graphic designer and bmw driver mark anthony marshall called in the team to COMMEMORATE his creative renaissance journey.. but chicago had other plans..

this session is legendary. it belongs to the

Jasemine Denise Photography experience.

Just as your session is about to start... Chicago is hit with the biggest snow storm of 2014...

Do you call of the session and reschedule? Or do you bring months and months of planning.. into fruition?

Scroll down and learn about the first "Surprise me" session of Jasemine Denise Photography, now affectionally titled "The Full Experience."

It's January in the Windy City, and if you're Mark Anthony Marshall by the time you've hit your third record breaking creative innovative project... Your only mindset is coming home and getting some fresh photos taken.

You phone in Jasemine Denise Photography, a team consisting of one photographer, and three interns all ranging from makeup to videography and personal assistance.

Meet The Team

Mark Anthony Marhsall

At the time, having your session 100% curated by a team was not something for the faint of heart. It was our first crack at it that year, but he was patient, he was attentive, and he brought visionary elements to this session that makes it the timeless one it is.

Nick (For Example)

Nickie Thompson, is to this day one of the most incredibly talented cameramen I've ever worked alongside. Where this session would've lacked in footage as well as behind the scenes, he did a Chicago Service stepping in to complete the magic to this experience.

This corporate headshot photography session had been the product of about three months of planning. The idea had been we were gonna photograph Mark in a natural day in his life, including a ride in his BMW... The only issue... Chicago decided to come down on the snow.. hard.

Initially, all was defeated. Mark sat around his Chicago loft style home and the team decided against sulking and instead started building up a better vision. After sitting and watching Mark dress himself, placing each intricate layer onto himself with disdain, he seemed to stare longingly at the large window in front of us, as the snow continued to pelt against the windows.

He stepped onto the balcony after he was fully dressed, and to this day, I'll never which one of us spotted the stunning silhouette, but it became a pretty universally understood sentiment across all the faces in the room... That the weather wasn't the obstacle... It was the inspiration.

have you seen the final collection?

Sometimes a portrait session is missing something that the photographer you hired can't place their finger on.. That's why there's always been a dedicated team of models, artists, and collaborators behind Jasemine Denise Photography, making sure you get the session you envisioned, even if the vision was seriously "Yo, surprise me and show me what I'd look like if I was on the cover of a magazine."

Are you a business owner looking for the perfect headshots?


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• Creative Direction
• Visuals
• Photography
• Video

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