Take Down Request

- 2016 -

- ESTD -

Jasemine Denise Photography

Hey, if you got here... in accordance with the privacy policy, I wanna extend an extra effort to apologize if you genuinely felt as though you were at any point in the past decade made to feel anything other than comfortable and at ease during your session.

Let me begin by expressing my deepest apologies and allow me to take accountability for hopefully what is the first and final time.

As a young woman, I had no idea what trauma would unfold from simply being a fan of anything. It's been a tough couple of years coping with a lot of grief and personal tragedy. First and foremost, I apologize for any unintended disrespect to you, your brand, your artistic influence, etc. It took a lot of audacity for me to have ever not shown up for a session or not delivered you the quality that you feel respects your artistry.

If your session, brand or likeness is featured anywhere in the portfolio and you'd like it to be removed, here's a form where you can let me have it. I will promptly initiate a full deletion of the photos and content, as well as either refund you for your session or reshoot you free of session charge. *

I will also promptly remove you from the tour's subscription and you are more than welcome to return in the future if you feel it is something that can be settled face to face.

I appreciate any opportunity to pursue photography, as it had been a dream of mine that developed over the course of decade. I also unfortunately understand that photography is a very critical medium especially when paired with any sort of written work. I can't express gratitude enough for even having the opportunity to work with you (If we've worked together) in the first place.

Thank you. Please know. I respect you, I see you, and I am deeply sorry for any discomfort you've felt anywhere in the presence of the the camera.

*Session charge does not include travel mileage, in the event you are participating in a reshoot policy.
* If you are requesting a refund, not only will we retrieve the invoice from your original session, but also provide you with the date you'll receive your refund and any updates in the event there is a medical emergency.