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Family portrait session

The littlest Cancino

this is an extension of Mariah's maternity session. I share it every single year because there's always unexpected beauty to be captured behind the scenes.

part of the little warriors celebration sessions.

I think every photographer I've ever met has a few stories about their favorite sessions. I love telling the tale of some of my favorite family portraits, wedding receptions, and of course.. just some sessions that went way harder than I could've envisioned stepping in the door. Let me be the first to admit, it's kind of an "embarrassing" concept. As a photographer, every photo I post holds a tremendous amount of love and favorite feels like a swear word... However, that's what led me to start blogging again.. Simply to share some of my favorite stories behind sessions.

This session is actually an extension of another session.

If there's one photoshoot I could just wrap my hands around and bless you with with this Valentine's Day season, it's one of the greatest love stories ever told. Disclaimer: This post is not an advertisement, but it is a slight nudge to everyone in the Lansing, Michigan area to go and see applaud Ofie for the incredible ink work they've done.

This was originally Mariah's session but Bluu since the moment he first came into the world knew he was a show stopper. As a photographer, it's always a nervous experience when you walk in the room and a newborn you photographed years before, looks up at you with thoughtful eyes. I'm the photographer who always says the one thing I hated as a child: "Hey, do you remember me?"

My Mom is Inked And Awesome - tattoo artist family portraits

Bluu didn't have to answer. Immediately, he channelled his inner model.. and made me laugh so hard, I remembered his first session vividly.

I met this little bundle of joy, getting a tattoo, and I've never felt my heart melt faster. Despite the fact that Ofie has been one of the most incredible artists to bless my body, I always struggle to count them out.. Because to this day, this little boy stopped the show and my heart.

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Being someone who grew up in a family slightly torn by tattoos, not only is Ofie one of my biggest heroes ever for being an inked up awesome mom, I'm even more honored to say that I have over 30 pieces commemorating having learned the lesson of what it was like to love yourself, through the eyes of an incredibly loving artist who just so happens to be just as photogenic as they are a genius.

While the studio setup was getting pulled together, Bluu became determined to remind everyone why he's the coolest big cousin in the room. While I was sitting off, musing on outfit changes and obsessing over "is the lighting perfect? What can we move?", Bluu began reminding me of his own newborn photos where I'd been absolutely nerve wracked just trying to catch his attention.

Now, years later, it was the opposite. Across from the table, each time I'd lift my camera to look over my shots, my eyes would raise, and there he'd be... Making another iconic face, introducing the puppies of the house, and simply reminding everyone.. that even though he was the slightest bit camera shy when we first met, he'd been practicing the whole time I was away. (Which makes sense, considering Ofie is also a pretty badass photographer herself).

Junior warriors.


This session is a part of the junior warriors collection- a collection of photos of young, creative, and down to earth kids and teenagers who have so much character..

Do you have a Junior Warrior in your family just waiting for their moment to shine?

let's get them in front of the camera!

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